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You have a powerful story to tell and it can certainly help empower others across Indonesia who face similar challenges. Want to share your experiences with bullying? You can certainly do so here! We are here to listen.

Almyra– Dangers for Victims of Bullying

 I was bullied. On one occasion, my classmates unpacked my school bag. I really couldn't stand the bullying and decided to move schools 

Mahesa– Stay Away from Bullying & Keep Being Positive

 It all started when I was in high school. At the time, I had group of friends and one of my friends was named Akbar. After school time, Akbar asked my permission to drive my car (Jazz with a racing exhaust). Then, he drove my car right in front of the school gate. Incidentally, there was a high school student named Brian who was walking there and at the same time, Akbar intentionally stepped on the gas repeatedly even though I already reminded him not to play with the exhaust.

2 days later after Dhuzur prayers, my uniform was suddenly pulled and dragged by Brian until I slipped. At that time almost all of the high school students were watching. He took me to the bathroom and there were already two people stationed there who began threatening me. Suddenly without any explanation, I was punched really hard on the face. I felt very dizzy right after that and my ears were buzzing. At that time, I expected my friends to come to help, but they did not show up. During the tough time, my family played an instrumental role and assisted me in seeking justice so that such incidents will never happen again (Brian consequentially was expelled from school).

Hopefully this story can be inspire you to conduct a self introspection, to always be kind even though you are badly hurt. 

Alifah– Verbal and Social Bullying

 An elementary school student who had a big body because she really liked to eat and was very diligent in studying caused her to rarely socialize with her friends. Not that she did not want to play, but she was afraid that she would be labeled as a "Swollen Elephant". That's my story when I was a child. Let me introduce myself, my name is Alifah and I experienced verbal bullying during my childhood. Now I am a college student and I still experience a type of bullying, social bullying. Some of my current friends could not understand some of my extracurricular activities that lead me to miss some days of college. Feeling like an alien, I tried to interact with them when I returned back to college however I was ignored and there were some rumours circulating about me. For me, the impact of bullying made me feel depressed. 

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