Words From Our Founder

In 2014, I had the opportunity of meeting a young girl who chose to drop out of school because she was bullied. She felt that school was no longer a safe space for her to express her ideas. A child whose big dream is to become a doctor remains threatened by bullying and consequentially face the possibility of being unable to fulfill her education, which can in turn uplift her from the cycle of poverty. This singular event is a huge loss for a country that has gained its independence more than half a century ago and is, in fact, not uncommon. This is one of the many cases that demonstrate how bullying can be a key obstacle that has the potential to dampen the confidence as well as hinder the ability of Indonesian children in realizing their full potential.

Sudah Dong was initiated to increase the public’s awareness of the negative impacts of bullying through both online and offline programs. In light of this, I hope that this movement does not only touch those in communities closest around me but also reach those who are most marginalized and are located within Indonesia’s peripheries. Through Sudah Dong, I hope that all children in Indonesia can continuously express their talents and feel empowered to learn without having to be afraid of any discrimination such that they will be equipped with the skills required to contribute towards realizing a more prosperous and equitable Indonesia, an Indonesia that we envision together.

Our Programs

Sudah Dong has various programs to reduce the number of bullying cases in Indonesia.


Anti-Bullying Community

Advocating for Bullying Victims


Sudah Dong's journey in raising awareness among people regarding issues on bullying.

Our First Step

2014: Sudah Dong was initiated and started its campaign program, ‘Sudah Dong Goes to School’

Collaboration & Award award by UNICEF Indonesia and Markplus Institute

  • Sudah Dong is a member of the ‘Youth Network On Violence Against Children” (YNVAC) by UNICEF Indonesia.
  • Alongside other prominent figures, Katyana Wardhana, the founder of Sudah Dong, was awarded the Champions4Children award by UNICEF Indonesia and Markplus Institute.

'Think Before You Share' and 'Rayakan Namamu' Campaign

  • Sudah Dong started a collaboration with Facebook & Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa (YCAB) by launching a ‘Think Before You Share’ campaign.
  • Sudah Dong joined Coca Cola, Tulus, Giring Nidji & Tatjana Saphira in campaigning ‘Rayakan Namamu’– a Coca Cola campaign that was created to raise people’s awareness in embracing the beauty of their names and the harmful effect of bullying.

Anti-Bullying Solidarity Action

Sudah Dong organized an Anti-Bullying Solidarity Action with the public and a number of other social communities as a form of its commitment in increasing the public’s spirit to anti-bullying messages.

Discussion & Dialogues with Facebook, schools, and universities

Collaborating with Facebook, schools, and universities in Indonesia by establishing discussion and dialogues about Facebook’s internet security portal for children and parents.

Our Movement
in Indonesia

Sudah Dong's open to working collaboratively with the young generation accross Indonesia. Be our representative in your region!